Special Sand and Blessing of the Shells Ceremony:

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Wedding Party during Blessing Of The
Shells Ceremony


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Blessing of the shells ceremony is a great way to get all of your wedding guests involved in your wedding. When your guests arrive they will each receive a shell to hold, after the ceremony wedding guests plus bride/Groom are brought to ocean’s edge for a poem and then all on the count of three release your shells for wedding wishes for happy couple. What a way to end any perfect beach wedding.
Each Shell is different & Unique
Wishes for a long & Happy Marriage



Sand Ceremony


The Sand Ceremony is a great way to combine two lives together. There are two colors of sand that the bride and groom pour into a keepsake vase, the two colors of sand represent bride & groom. While bride & groom pour the sand together there is a poem that is read letting them and everyone around them know that even though the sand was poured from separated vases now they are combined together and can no longer be just one but two. Children may also join in to pour their own sand.
Actual Vase Styles vary. Colors of sand may vary. 



Wish Upon a Shell Guest Book:

Cocoa Beach Weddings Vow Renewals

With this option your wedding guest can
choose a shell to write a special wish and
place in your vase for you to take home
and cherish for a lifetime….

This option includes vase, up to 30 shells with decorated table for use with sign $49.99

Include shell toss with this option add $25.00




Rose Ceremony


Rose Ceremony Beach Wedding Packages Wedding on Cocoa Beach



The rose ceremony is the first gift to be exchanged as husband and wife. This
takes place right after the rings have been exchanged and then bride and groom are
read a poem about love, then both are given a red rose to exchange to each other as the very first gift as husband and wife. Special gift to be remembered for life.




Entrance to your Cocoa Beach Wedding


Cocoa Beach Wedding Walkway to the Beach Wedding


Beautiful walkway to your cocoa beach
wedding, long walkway to your wedding.
You and your wedding guests will enter
here to join the wedding. The beach has
beautiful waves and a gorgeous feel
for any wedding. Kick off your shoes and
let the Florida warm sand dig into your
toes with the warm beach breeze blowing.

Perfect for pictures for any beach
wedding ceremony in Cocoa Beach.



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