At R&C Beach Weddings we offer a variety of wedding services. While we specialize in beach weddings that is not all that we do, we will travel to you and perform your wedding on the beach, in the back yard, in a park or basically where ever your heart desires. Our company is based in cocoa beach however we also perform weddings in Melbourne and surrounding beaches.

We offer a variety of options for décor and wedding packages. Our one of a kind bamboo wedding arches are a great accent to any beach wedding, with tropical colors flowing in the wind, it’s bound to make anyone feel like a true princess on their wedding day.

R&C Beach Weddings also offers family sand for those families that are blending to become one, we also offer several colors for your sand ceremony so many colors it’s a rainbow on the beach! Please visit our Options page for more information.

We have services for everyone out there, whether you choose to have a beautiful arch in our “Kissed on Love” or “Forever Love” beach wedding packages, a simple vow renewal, or maybe you just want a little touch of something on the beach and our decorated torches are perfect for you, we can promise you this, our team is here to serve you and make your wedding day one to remember.  Please see our Cocoa Beach Wedding Packages page for more information on these wonderful and affordable beach wedding packages.

We also offer our in house photography as well as professional…What is the difference you may ask? With our in house these pictures are with one of our staff members that will capture your wedding ceremony as well as about 15 minutes after to capture those magical moments after your husband and wife, these photos have no edits but will come to you on a disk and a print release, this option is great for a couple on a budget or just need a few to capture the event. Professional pictures are wonderful for bigger wedding parties as well as those wanting full edits and lots for pictures with family and friends. Both are a great option for your wedding, which couple are you?

We are one of the only companies in cocoa beach that offer a office for you to change into your wedding attire, and spend some time with your loved ones before getting married. 

One of our unique services is that we now offer a shell guest book this is such a cute idea for that bride that is looking to replace your typical guest book with something from the beach, with this option you will get to take home a glass vase with ribbon and flowers to accent your wedding as well as each guest will have the chance to sign and shell and place in your vase so that you will never forget the special family and friends that were there with you on one of your biggest days of your life.

Another one of our specials services that we offer is the Rose Exchange, this is a beautiful ceremony script that is included in your vows (if you choose this ad on) what this serves as is a single red rose for each of you and you will exchange it with one another, and always remember that on your wedding date to bring each other a red rose to continue over the years to show each other love.

So as you can tell that rather your having a big wedding or just getting away the two of you and saying I do, R&C Beach Weddings has a variety of options and services for everyone.

We look forward to being part of your special day.


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